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About The All~Saints Independent Catholic Commission

All-Saints Independent Catholic Commission is a free association of individual Catholic Christians, independent churches, dioceses, denominations, religious orders, and inter-church fellowships. We are a post-denominational or extra-denominational fellowship.

All-Saints Independent Catholic Commission was formed in 2022 by Bishop M. J. Kimo Keawe at the request of bishops, priests and deacons of several independent Catholic churches who were looking for a fellowship which was truly Catholic, with a solid set of core beliefs and valid Apostolic Succession, yet flexible enough to allow creative and innovative ministry and to bring together jurisdictions with differing styles, emphases, rules, practices, and liturgies.


It was incorporated and registered in the State of Michigan as a non-profit organization.


All-Saints Independent Catholic Commission is descended from the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht, which broke with Rome in 1870 over the dogmas of Vatican I, including that of the infallibility of the Pope, through the consecration of Bishop Keawe by (Late) Dr. Robert Bowman of the United Catholic Church in 2001.


We have carefully guarded the Catholicity of our faith and the validity of our Apostolic Succession.

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