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We welcome the SSD Clergy & Associate Clergy of the Society of St. Damien De Veuster

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Abp. M.J. Kimo Keawe, SSD, STM, D.D., M.Th - Presiding Archbishop (MI)
Founder, emeritus presiding bishop, United Reform Catholic Church International (2001)
Emeritus president, John XXIII School of Theology (Arizona - 2003)
Episcopal Protector & Founder, Society of St. Damien De Vuester (2019)
Presiding Bishop & Founder, All~Saints Old Catholic Commission (2020)

D Flaherty.jpg

Bp. David B.G. Flaherty - (MD) / Associate Bishop of the Society
Bishop and Pastor of Saint Sebastian Catholic Community - URCCI (2002 / 2012)
Director, Saint Sebastian Institute for Catholic Heritage & Culture (2012)
Interim pastor, Messiah United Church of Christ (2016)
SSD Bishop Advisory Council

Fr. Silva ID photo REV.jpg

Bp. Ernest Silva, Jr., SSD (HI)
Ordained: Old Catholic priest 30 October 2011 / I-ECCC {Bp. J Isbell, OFC} (HI)
Ministry: Pastoral Dignity-Honolulu and Pastoral Outreach
SSD Incardinated: 31 July 2021 / Discerning appointment as Bishop Elect: 2 August 2021
Consecrated SSD Bishop: 31 October 2021

John Meulendyk, OFC.jpg

Fr. (Dr.) John Meulendyk, OFC - (MI) / SSD Spiritual Advisor & Associate
Southeast Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (2005)
Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross - OFC (2016)
Episcopal Diocese of Michigan (2019)

Fr. Pete 2020.jfif

Fr. Pedro Lemasa, OSB - (HI)

United Reform Catholic Church International - URCCI (2002)

Order of Saint Benedict -  OSB (2006)

Vicar-Pastor, Blessed Damien of Moloka'i Old Catholic Church (2018)

fr julio_edited.jpg

Fr. Julio Martin Giraldo Henao, SSD (Spanish/English) - (CA)

Ordained a Roman Catholic Priest, by His Excellency Sefior Belarmino Correa Yepes, on

19 May 2001  as a member of the Institute of Foreign Missions of Yarumal in Medillin, Columbia.

Fr. Julio, incardinated into the Society on 30 May 2023

OPALACZ ID photo 8-5-21.jpg

Fr. Michael Frank Opalacz, SSD (HI)
Ordained: Old Catholic priest 12 May 2013 / I-ECCC {Bp. J Isbell, OFC} (HI)
SSD Incardinated: 7 August 2021
Ministry: Asociate pastor, Dignity-Honolulu and Pastoral Outreach

Sam Clergy Pic.jpg

Fr. (Dr.) Przemyslaw "Sam" Fratczak, SSD, Ph.D.  - (MI)

Deacon, Society of St. Damien De Veuster, Michigan (2021)

Ordained: June 18, 2021 @ St. Philip, Rochester, MI

Outreach Ministry, All~Saints Old Catholic Commission

Ordination to the Priesthood: December 2022


Ms. Carolyn M. George, SSD.  - (MI)

Eucharistic Lay Minister, Society of St. Damien De Veuster, Michigan (2023)

Commissioned: April 28, 2023

International & Domestic Outreach Ministry, Society of St. Damien De Veuster 

Jeanne Kelly.jpg

Ms. Jeanne Marie Kelly, SSD.  - (MI)

Sr. Altar Guild ~ Appointed: April 30, 2023

The Samaritas Parish of the Society of St. Damien De Veuster - Sr. Altar Guild / Eucharistic Lay Minister

Outreach Ministry , Society of St. Damien De Veuster 


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